Who we are

MAGIC Alliance is a non-profit Maryland-based conservation organization. Since we were founded in 1998 we have focused on:

  • Promoting the development of a system of interconnected parks and other protected conservation land – as habitat for wildlife and plants.
  • Providing wide wildlife corridors between fragmented tracts of protected land – to encourage propagation of wildlife and plants.
  • Protecting watersheds from erosion and pollutants – to insure clean water is available for animal and human consumption.
  • Providing wildlife passages under or over roads where they cross wildlife corridors – to enable animals or trail users to cross roads safely.
  • Serving as a clearinghouse and coordinating office on conservation policy matters, on scientific and technical data relating to conservation, and on meetings and actions concerned with conservation and protection of all species.
  • Working with our members and like-minded government and private agencies – to further our defined goals.

Reconnecting and re-wilding of Maryland will take many years of effort and enormous sums of money. Much of the land is divided into thousands of small, private holdings which must be acquired, as available, and connected into large bio-preserves. This is the only way to insure plants and animals will have sufficient habitat to disperse their genes and continue as viable species. Biological "hot spots" exist around streams and wetlands. It is extremely important to preserve riparian forests and wetlands which serve as eco-ducts to upland forests. Preserving riparian forests also insures that streams will continue to flow and water, which is so important to all species, will remain pure.